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Many of our Filipinos are Business Minded, so we are here to grow your business even more. Through innovation, your Business network will expand even more. We are always looking for solutions and marketing strategies on how to find more customers.

With Conquer Hosting, we will help those small and medium businesses to get their goal. With our helping hand, we shall pull up and lift up those who reach out. For with one hand we make an effort, with many—we can make a change.

We will use all our knowledge and experience, so that we can provide you with a nice and fast service. Websites and E-commerce are now one of the biggest help to every entrepreneur to sell products quickly.

Plans that would help you get started.

Silver Plan – Website Page.

Silver Plan is a good start, because apart from being cheap, your beautiful website is ready. All you have to do is to input the company details or profile and upload images.This plan also includes training on how to use the website admin. Very user friendly and very fast, so those who want to have a fast and good website.

Simple and Stunning.

A simple and stunning website can help the user to easily to explore the website. A simple and user friendly interface that is best to use for quick and easy business transactions, updates, and services. Stable and secure, you will find your site user-friendly, by which people who visit the site can do a lot with a few clicks and scrolls.

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Gold Plan – E Commerce.

Gold plan or online store website is one way on how to showcase your products lively. This plan has almost the same features as other online stores and we will also teach you how to use admin and how to upload products. Like the Silver Plan, the E-commerce or online store that you avail of us is also ready made with beautiful themes and user friendly function.

Well Constructed.

With the cheap cost of this plan the online store is well constructed and you don’t need to pay much to get the complete features. Apart from being user friendly it is complete with almost all the features and functional that a online store must have.

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How can we help you?

2020 is a year for change.

Driven by our ability to adapt to change, Buyanihan will serve as the platform to either jumpstart your business or to transform it into something better. Buyanihan aims to equip you to get started with your ideas, transform your perception of how you do business, and encourage you to go build a stronger business. We strive to help you get into the e-commerce platform to broaden your reach and provide more opportunities for your endeavors

How can you help others?

When you do e-Commerce, you provide people with something at EASE. Efficient. Accessible. Sensible. Economical.

Efficient: Valuing everyone’s time.

Individuals and enterprises should provide their consumers with results and an efficient system would help to make their experience hassle-free. This would ensure that your business will make customers happy, and a happy experience is always a shared experience.

The platform will equip you with capabilities that will help you achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense at both ends, to you as a business and to the clients. This will up your game whether it is about selling products, providing service, and even for just making a name for yourself.

Accessible: Be within their reach.

People nowadays are always on their phones and other gadgets, with that being said, you have to be where they are. Having the power of technology brings you closer to the market, with this, you would be just a tap or a click away when they need you.

The platform will help you, help them reach you at any given time of the day when they need your business. Being online with a crisp and clean, user-friendly site, would also help any user, at any age, of different genders, to have the chance to see what you have to offer, and take it.

Sensible: Make sense.

Being smart about your business comes across with the first impression. If your target market understands you, they will not hesitate to trust you—and being a trusted business is a huge advantage.

The platform will build a foundation that you know your business well enough that consumers will trust what you do. Confidence from consumers can be gained by how you appear to them as a business, by how you market your products and services, and by how you would make yourself matter to them. If it does not make sense to them, it would never matter to them.

Economical: Save them money.

Anyone who saves money is planning to spend it on something else—be part of that plan. Help them save and also be one of what they spend on. Consumers tend to go spend more on products and services that increases savings because it gives them opportunities to get more.

The platform will not only be cost-efficient for you, but to your market as well. You save them money in finding their needs and wants easily, and as you deliver it efficiently, that time they save can be used on something more valuable.

All things that your market gives importance to should be what you should bank on. Reciprocated value, or giving more than what they expect would help you gain a rare business commodity — customer loyalty.

How can you help us?

Conquer Hosting is an e-Commerce platform that is open to your ideas.

Whether it is to build your own business, build our business better, or help others build their own.

We all need helping hands to lift each other up.

Share our page and help others find help with their small businesses with big hearts. If you want to help build our business better, we are open to your comments and suggestions.

Now we need yours.

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